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Pubs and Hairy Legs

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Weekend (read Friday onwards) are always a challenge. Managing a multitude of personalities out to shake a leg and down the booze on the weekend is nothing short of a riot. Decisions were spontaneous and mob mentality prevailed. Post dinner, and off we drove to the pubbing hotspots of Pune.

All of us, 4 couples, filed in a row and past the bouncers, to the usher, who promptly asked for names. Ushers belong to a very observant class of humans and this was only proven right when he singled me out for my shorts. "Sir, we don't allow shorts", he said, in a dry wryly voice. "Should I take them off" came back my inner self, to myself. I held back my thoughts, walked up to him and asked what exactly is the problem with the shorts. In a free India where equality has probably been served in Cosmo cities, "girls sport shorter skirts than my boxers ! Why, pray I ask, are men being singled out?" I asked. "That's the rule, Sir", he blurted out dryly. Well "Is it my hairy legs?", I asked. " I could get them waxed, if that is the only reason", I wasn't willing to stop. But he ended the conversation with a "Sorry Sir".


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