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Damn the hormones !

Take these in the morning and let's meet in a month's time. We maybe be able to get you off these meds in 3 months time. That's what the doc said. Well, I went away thinking this isn't that bad..... well the doc knew better and clearly 99% cases don't wean off Thyroid meds, once started. Thus began my unceremonious journey to lifestyle drugs. I call them, that. Now interestingly what got me alarmed was the fact that I put on 8 kgs during the Pandemic. Everyone was putting on weight more than clothes during the lockdown. Enough viral videos of naked men & women on calls meant that people felt more like nudists at some European beach than civilized folks in 2020. But hey, we were meant o be that way, blame to damn corporate 9-5 culture ! Anyways, knowing me, I wasn't eating like there is no tomorrow in the pandemic. Luckily enough my brothers are docs and they suggested I check my thyroid levels. Voila ! That's what led me to the doc. Now it's even funnier how these hormones are connected. They are like India families, one connected to the other causing ripples across the whole family (read body). A year down the happy lane, I happen to go get PanchKarma. The docs therein who were checking my BP everyday informed that i seem to be on the higher side and should consult with a cardio doc. I am not even getting into what happened next. But that got me started on the BP medications journey !

So in short watch out folks, this thing can get very tricky if left unattended.


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